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About us

QuinteScience is an SME founded in 2007 by aerospace engineer S. Barral while employed as a full time researcher at Warsaw's Institute of Fundamental Technological Research (Polish Academy of Science). QuinteScience was initially set up with the ad-hoc purpose of providing commercial support on an as-needed basis for research and development activities related to plasma sources for space propulsion.

Some of the main contributions of QuinteScience in these early years of activity were related to the design and manufacture of prototype discharge channels for spacecraft plasma thrusters (popularly known as “ion” rocket engines) based on a novel concept exploiting thin graphite laminations which demonstrated sizeable improvements in terms of thruster efficiency over conventional ceramic channels, with the added benefit of longer potential lifetime. Recognizing the promises of this concept, this invention was patented internationally by a leading aircraft and rocket engine manufacturer.

In 2009, QuinteScience's founder moved to the Institute of Plasma Physics and Laser Microfusion where he continued research on electric propulsion for spacecrafts and co-created the PLANS laboratory, the first spacecraft electric propulsion testing facility in Central Europe. In year 2014, QuinteScience's business activity resumed with new ambitions, in particular in the domain of space technologies and other high-tech fields where a new context and new opportunities arose together with Poland's accession to the European Space Agency.